Day 1 of Blogging…Day 1,904 of being a Mom!

I have been a mommy for 1,904 days! That is a crazy amount of time. That is a LOT of  poopy diapers, late nights, and baby wipes. Most of the days I couldn’t remember if I tried…but many of them have been burned into my memory and I will never forget them! Like the time my eldest daughter said “mommy” for the first time. Or the time my middle daughter got away from me at an event and was lost for what felt like forever….that was one of the scariest moments so far! Or some of the funny moments like when my youngest daughter got into a jar of Desistin and tried to clean the iPad with it! Or when my oldest daughter went all tattoo artist on her sister…her face was priceless! Of course I took a picture first, laughed, and then cleaned them up!

Being a mommy is great! Every day is filled with love, hugs, and kisses…it is also filled with exhaustion, boogers, and baby wipes! Getting through a day can sometimes take everything out of you. Over the past few years I have learned some tricks of the trade from veteran mommies. I have also developed some great solutions for every day mommy problems! Welcome to the spot where I will share what I know, what I don’t know, and what I think is pretty cool too!!

Oh and if you are wondering how I got the number of 1,904 days of being a mom…check out this site!

See how long you have been a mom…or a dad…or even just alive!!

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