Wedding Re Do

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I have been out of the wedding world for years! I really have no idea what the styles are. So when my friend Kristin Rockhill ( asked me what I would do different for the my wedding day style, I really had NO IDEA! “Well start looking” she said “I am doing a wedding redo shoot and you are doing it!” She wrote a fun post about my original it here Thank God for Pinterest! Here is my Board!

I spent the next few weeks searching Pinterest for ideas…and boy there are a lot of them! Part of me was excited, there are so many different ideas out there! And part of me was overwhelmed…there are SO many ideas out there!!! I was able to settle on a vintage/rustic theme! The dress I picked was amazing! I felt like a vintage princess! I wish I could share all the pictures, but she is going to attempt to get them published…so they are top secret! I can share a few though!!

It was so fun getting all glammed up for the day! I got to spend the day getting my hair and make up done and be surrounded by good friends!

My middle daughter had to come with me because of sitter issues. And the funny thing was, I wanted her in my pictures…I said if I got married again today, I would want my girls in my wedding! Crazy how priorities change. When I got married, I didn’t want any kids in my wedding or at my wedding…now it would be a giant play date! LOL!

Enjoy the pics!!!

 FullSizeRender (1) IMG_8578 IMG_8577 IMG_8576 IMG_8573

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