How to be the best mommy ever…


According to my girls, I am the best mommy ever! I will not lie, it feels damn good to hear my girls tell me that!

What did I do to get this coveted title? Yesterday, I let my 5 year old go to her friend’s house and play…BAM Best Mommy Ever! 2 Days ago, I took them for frozen yogurt…BAM best Mommy Ever! And a few days before that…I cuddled with them in bed and my 3 1/2 year old rolled over, threw her arms around my neck and whispered “you’re the best mommy ever.” And just like that I am the Best Mommy Ever.

When I first became a mom over 5 years ago, I would spend so many hours thinking and re thinking how to be a great mom. I thought it meant reading all the “good mommy books”, being involved in the online chats, making my own baby food, and buying her the coolest new toys. But I realize now that I was and I did over think it. My girls just want me…they want me to be present and they want me to listen to them. They want me to cuddle. They want me to play. And some times, they want me to leave them alone! Over the past 5 years I have learned to stop thinking about how to be the Best Mommy Ever and to just simply BE The Best Mommy Ever!

If you are about to be a mommy, if you are a new mommy, or maybe you are a veteran mommy….stop wondering if you are the best mommy ever, because you are! Just look at your children…look in their eyes, they love you. Be there, be present, listen, hug, and smile…congrats…You are the Best Mommy Ever!

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