4 Reasons I love Hello Fresh


It was a Monday. I came home from work to find this large box on my porch. My daughters gathered around as we opened it. One by one we pulled the neatly packaged white boxes out. My girls were super excited, and so was I…our first Hello Fresh had been delivered!

I had heard about the meal delivery programs and liked the idea but never bit the bullet and joined. But that all changed with Living Social was having a deal. $30 for 3 meals for 2 people. Shoot, that $10 a meal…$5 a person! I can handle that. So I figured we would give it a try.

Reason Number 1
The recipe cards are super easy to follow with picture directions. I am a visual learner. I know this from being a teacher…it’s a real thing. Some people learn by listening, some by doing, and some by seeing. I am the later, I need to see it in order to do it! I love having pictures with each step that show what it is supposed to look like. It makes multi tasking in the kitchen easier!

Reason Number 2
Everything is pre-measured and ready to go! I think this may be my favorite thing about it! I do not have to walk around a food store with 3 little kids trying to find some crazy spice or weird ingredient…it’s all right there, measured in a cute little container and ready to go!!!

Reason Number 3
The food is fresh…Hello Fresh is not just a clever name. Everything I have gotten from them has been on point with freshness…that is huge for me! And some of it has been GMO free and even organic. Another check in my book!!!


Reason Number 4
I get to be a chef. I was beaming the other night when talking to my husband about the pork and shrimp wanton soup I made. “I just like making good food…real food…different food.” I told him. I love to cook and am OBSESSED with cooking shows. Chopped is my favorite! I feel like a real chef preparing a fancy meal. When I am done, I always arrange it on the plates and take a picture…presentation is everything!!! It makes me feel awesome to produce a healthy and delicious meal.

Working full time and having 3 little kids to take care of doesn’t allow me to indulge in my passions as often as I would like. Hello Fresh has given me this opportunity…and I love it! If you are interested in trying it, use this code. You will get $40 off your first week!            PGK2TY

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