Winter is coming…


Franki…not helping with sorting clothes!

I really enjoy the Fall season. I love the fresh crisp air, I love my Fall clothes, and I love that the holidays are coming! What I don’t love is switching my girls’ clothes from summer to Fall/Winter. It can take an entire day to finish. Add in one toddler who thinks she is hilarious and it takes even longer! Sunday Franki and I attempted to change her clothes over. Here’s how it went.

  • I had Brett get the bin of clothes from the attic. Franki couldn’t wait to dump them all over the floor. Which was fine because they all had to come out of the bin anyway.
  • I tried to quickly sort out the clothes that would fit her and that were weather appropriate. I put the ones we don’t need right now back in the bin and locked it up. (Franki was angry about this!)
  • Franki decided that she wanted to try everything on. She made me put a new outfit on her and then ran to her sister’s room to model it for them.
  • All her summer clothes were emptied out of her drawers except for 5 short sleeve shirts and 5 pairs of shorts. You never know!
  • Then I proceeded to make outfits. I HIGHLY recommend doing this! I don’t have a shirt drawer and a pant drawer for my toddler. I make outfits. The outfits go into the outfit drawer. This makes getting her dressed in the morning quick! It also ensures that she will match when my husband gets her dressed for school!
  • By the end of the day, all of her clothes were put away. And I have a huge bag of clothes from the summer to donate! Best part about being done with having kids…passing my clothes down to someone else!


    Here is the drawer of outfits. I fold the pants and shirt together.

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