Pork chop in peppercorn shallot sauce…my mouth is still watering!


The other night we had some friends over and my husband paid me the nicest compliment. “She really is getting very good at making stuff (food)”. I love cooking…but working full time and having 3 little kids makes it hard to really think outside the box! Thank God for Hello Fresh! They have changed dinner time! We have liked every meal so far and I have been able to replicate a few of them successfully!

The other night we have this delicious meal! Pork chop (on the bone) with a peppercorn shallot sauce served with butter braised cabbage and crispy potatoes! My mouth is still watering!!!

I pan seared the pork and then finished it in the oven. The sauce was simple. Peppercorns (mashed up) with shallots, garlic, and tomato paste. Then add a little sour cream and remove from the heat. For the cabbage, simply put a tablespoon of butter in a sauce pan with some garlic. Once it is fragrant (about 1 min) add the cabbage and saute for a few minutes.

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