Polka Dot Party

The inspiration for my youngest daughter’s first birthday party came from a pack of balloons my sister gave me. She had her daughter’s first birthday and when it was over, she handed me a pack of mixed color balloons that were left over. I laughed and said they looked like polka dots. The rest is history!

For Francesca’s (Franki) party I wanted to keep it simple but fun! The dollar store was my best friend when planning this party. I used different color dessert plates to create a polka dotted wall. The best part was that when the party was over, I was able to keep the plates and use them for a different event!


I found the plastic table clothes at the dollar store. They were perfect and went great with the theme! For the center piece, I used a small, solid colored metal bucket and put tissue paper and a polka dot hat in the center. Simple and easy.



download (1)

The birthday girl’s dress matched perfectly!

download (2)

download (3)

download (4)

download (5)

One of my friend’s from work made these awesome ice cream cone cup cakes!

download (6)

Nicki and Joey wore polka dots…mommy and daddy didn’t have any to wear

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