Make a lunch schedule

Before my girl’s started preschool, they went to an in home baby sitter. She was great, she made them breakfast and lunch every day! I really did not realize how amazing this was until I had to start packing lunches. In the begining I was spending on average an hour at night trying to figure out what to put in their lunch bags. After a week of this I decided we needed a schedule! It has worked out great!!

Our lunch schedule looks like this:
Monday – chicken nuggets. I found these awesome nuggets that have veggies in them and they taste great! Check them out! I put them in a thermos for each girl.

Tuesdays – Quesadillas. All of my girls love quesadillas. They are quick to make too. I make them in the morning and cut them into 4 pieces and wrap in foil.

Wednesday – Grilled Cheese. Another favorite! I cut them into 4’s and wrap in foil.
Thursday – Macaroni and cheese with veggies! I Buy Nature’s Promise Organic mac and cheese and Cascadian Farm Organic garden veggies. I put this in their thermos to stay warm!

Friday – Rice and Beans. My middle daughter and youngest love these with sour cream. So I make this the night before and just leave it on the stove in the pot with the cover on. In the morning I add a little bit of water and heat it up. Again, I use their thermos for this lunch. We like Zatarain’s.

I get the red rice and beans. The black bean is spicy.

I get the red rice and beans. The black bean is spicy.

How did I get this schedule? I sat down and made a list of all the lunch items my daughters like and created this schedule. Just because we have a schedule does not mean that I follow it to the letter every single week. Some times I will send them with pizza bagels or pasta. Having a schedule allows me to wake up, realize what day it is, and pack lunches quickly. Sit down with your kids and ask them what they like for lunch. Create a list and make a schedule. You don’t have to have a 5 day schedule. You can create a 10 day schedule. Having a schedule will also help with your shopping list!

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