I don’t Bento

I tried…when the girls first started preschool I had visions of Bento boxes. I was a Pinterest Bento box pinning machine. Pinterest has a lot of ideas and I was going to try them all! And then it happened, the first night I had to pack lunch. I was armed with cookie cutters, colorful cupcake wrappers, and entertaining toothpicks! 3 hours later, I was done…and not just with packing lunch. I was done. Bento boxes are for the birds…or just not for me!

I decided to keep things simple. Just pack healthy foods and hope they eat them! Here is what our lunch boxes look like. Every day my girls get a fruit and vegetable along with other things

Here are some of my favorite lunch products!
Stonyfield Yogurt 
Kashi Snack Bars
Kashi Crackers
Horizon String Cheese


This lunch has chicken nuggets in the thermos, cucumbers and carrots, cheese and Kashi crackers, grapes, and a yogurt.


The thermos has rice and beans, applesauce, Kashi bar, string cheese, yogurt, carrots, and Goldfish

If you are interested in Bento boxes or even just lunch done right…check out Weelicious! She has great ideas for lunches!!


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