Why I found out the gender of my baby…all 3 times!

If I could have known the gender of my babies the moment I found out I was pregnant, that would have been great!! I did all the at home “tests” to see if we could determine the gender earlier then the coveted 20 week ultra sound! I posted ultra sound pictures on various baby boards to see if anyone could figure it out via the “nub theory” or the “skull theory”. For my last daughter, we paid $50 to go to a private ultra sound place at 14 weeks to find out the gender! I know, this sounds insane…maybe it is. But I wanted to know the gender of my babies! I really do not understand the people that wait…it blows my mind!


“Can you feel it move?” When you know the gender, you can refer to the baby by “he” or “she”. I like that better then calling the baby an “it”. A woman I work with, her granddaughter is pregnant and not finding out the gender. She keeps referring to the baby as an “it”. Every time she says “it” I remind her that it is a baby. When you know the gender, you can even call the baby by it’s name…if you have it picked out already!


I am not a fan of yellow and green outfits…and seriously a wardrobe of ducks and frogs would drive me nuts! When you know the gender of the baby, you are showered with adorable outfits for the baby! All of my girls had tutu dresses ready to go before they were even born. No boring ducks for us!

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Picturing what the baby was going to look like was a lot of fun when I was pregnant. Knowing that each one of my babies were girls, I had visions of their sweet faces before they were born. I loved picturing braiding hair, getting dressed up for dances, and doing nails. I felt like I was able to bond with each girl before they were born because I knew they were girls.


Decorating the nursery was so much fun because we knew we were having girls! I was able to make it gender specific and I love the way the room looks…still to this day!

I get it…not everyone wants to find out. People that don’t find out tell me that they enjoyed having the baby and being surprised. I personally feel that it is a surprise whether you find out at 5 months or 9 months. And finding out in an ultra sound room, privately just my husband and myself, was pretty special. Each time, my heart was racing and I had butterflies waiting to hear “are you ready to find out the gender?” And the best part, I didn’t have to labor through 20 hours of labor to find out!

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