Polka Dot Party

The inspiration for my youngest daughter’s first birthday party came from a pack of balloons my sister gave me. She had her daughter’s first birthday and when it was over, she handed me a pack of mixed color balloons that were left over. I laughed and said they looked like polka dots. The rest is history!

For Francesca’s (Franki) party I wanted to keep it simple but fun! The dollar store was my best friend when planning this party. I used different color dessert plates to create a polka dotted wall. The best part was that when the party was over, I was able to keep the plates and use them for a different event!


I found the plastic table clothes at the dollar store. They were perfect and went great with the theme! For the center piece, I used a small, solid colored metal bucket and put tissue paper and a polka dot hat in the center. Simple and easy.



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The birthday girl’s dress matched perfectly!

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One of my friend’s from work made these awesome ice cream cone cup cakes!

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Nicki and Joey wore polka dots…mommy and daddy didn’t have any to wear

Sophia the First

I LOVE to throw birthday parties. My husband thinks I am crazy to spend as much time on them as I do…but I love it! And if you can do what makes you happy, then do it!! My daughters are starting to appreciate my efforts. My oldest daughter looked at me while I was decorating for this party and said “Mom you do a really great job decorating for our parties. You really love us a lot” That made my day!!!

Josephina (Joey) Wanted a Sophia the First party for her 3rd birthday. This meant starting my Pinterest board right away. I usually begin planning the party about 2 – 3 months ahead of time. Working full time makes it hard to get stuff done in a short amount of time….so I buy little by little months in advance! We decided on a Royal Sleepover. All the guests came dressed in their PJs.


a Friend of mine made the cookies and chocolate covered oreos!


This is how it was set up for the family party


Another friend let us borrow the fountain!


Everything was perfect!


We just had the doors put in. Excuse the unfinished sheet rock! I used a roll of plastic table covering to make these. And tissue paper for the puffs.

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The ceiling

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This is how it was set up for her friend party. There were less people, so this worked better!

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Joey playing Pin the Amulet on Sophia

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The kids made a painting as their favor. It was their first initial taped off. So when they finished painting all over the canvas, their initial was white. It was a hit!!!

The finished product!

The finished product!