Stop using these words right now

I’m Tired
I get it…I am tired too! And not just at the end of the day…all the time! I wake up after 8 hours of sleep tired! But I have committed myself to stop using the phrase “I’m tired” when people ask how I am doing. Chances are, they are tired too and saying it all day is not helping me be less tired. Mind over matter!


Not Now
Last night I was cleaning up dog poop (the puppy had an accident in her crate) and Joey came over to me and asked me to cut an apple up for her. I wanted to say “are you kidding me right now?! I am knee deep in dog sh$$”. But I held back, remembered that she is only 3 ½, and my child. I asked her “what am I doing right now?” and she replied “cleaning up poopy”. So I told her “when I am finished with this, I will wash my hands, and then I will cut up an apple for you.” She was happy with my answer. She bounced up and down quietly giggling while I finished cleaning. I don’t think she was laughing at my situation, I think she was excited about her apple! So many times I hear parents tell their child “No, not now.” Instead of snapping at them with this response, use it as a teachable moment. If you are busy doing something, ask them to notice what you are doing. Have them tell you why you are busy at the moment. Then explain the steps that you will take to help them get what they want. Kids are still learning and they are very “me” focused. Teach them to look at situations and how to wait for help. Now, Nicki will say to me “mom when you are done with what you are doing can you please help me?” 1 down, 2 to go!


How long is never? “If you don’t go to bed right now, you will never be allowed to watch tv again?” Sound familiar? It is only a matter of time until your kids figure out that using a word like never is an empty threat. Instead, try “if you don’t go to bed right now, you will not be allowed to watch tv tomorrow night before bedtime.”


Next Time
“Mommy can we get ice cream?” “Next time.” What’s wrong with this? You don’t know what is going to happen next time. You don’t know the future and you better believe that your kids are not going to forget that you said “next time.” This will only lead to disappointment and maybe even a fit. Instead, just explain “sorry, we aren’t getting ice cream today. We will see the next time we come in, maybe we will get it.” I always say “maybe” this gives me more wiggle room!


You’re bad
We don’t say bad girl in our house. Separate your child’s action from your child. If one of the girls does something wrong, we will tell them that what they did was wrong. Make sure to assure your child that you love them but you aren’t happy with what they did.

I love you
Just kidding! Use this one all the time and follow it up with hugs and kisses!!!!


Jams for Day by Day Hope Foundation

In the spirit of Breast Cancer Awareness Month help support this fundraiser! Click here for the online party link. Jamberry Nails are easy and safe to use. There are even Jamberry Juniors for little hands! My daughters LOVE using these…it’s fun Mommy-Daughter time!
Create several different unique looks that will last for 2 weeks (and sometimes longer).
There really is a Jamberry for every event! Mix and Match for a new look every time!


What is Day By Day Hope Foundation? Click here and take a look at their website to learn more! 

There are TONS of sites raising money for a cure, and hopefully one day there will be a cure, but in the meantime there are hundreds and millions of families that could use that money to help get them through the day, week, month, or even year! That is our goal… to lessen the burden that cancer has put on a family and give them hope… day by day

Picture2 Picture1

Easy Chicken Broccoli Pasta

I try and make one meal for everyone. It is hard enough to get dinner on the table…let alone separate meals for the kids. I have been trying to make a meal that everyone likes BUT that can be switched up!

Last night I made this quick, easy meal! The girls loved it, and then I added a few things to my husband’s and mine…it was a hit all around!


  • 2 cloves of garlic (chopped)
  • 1/2 cup chopped onion
  • olive oil
  • 2 cups of frozen broccoli
  • 1/2 pound pasta (I used cut pasta)
  • Fresh lemon, chopped tomatoes, and grated cheese (Use these as ad ons)


  1. Cook pasta according to the directions on the box. Once finished cooking, drain and toss with olive oil and set aside.
  2. Meanwhile saute onion in 2 table spoons of olive oil. Cook on medium heat for 2 – 3 minutes, add chopped garlic and cook for about 1 minute. Add frozen broccoli and put the lid on. Cook for about 5 – 8 minutes (until broccoli is cooked)
  3. I took my broccoli out and cut it into little pieces and then returned it to the pan.
  4. Toss the pasta and the broccoli mixture
  5. Sprinkle with grated cheese and enjoy!
  6. For a more adult meal…once I served the girls, I made a bowl for my husband and myself. Then I took half of a lemon and squeezed the juice on both bowls. Once I finished, I tossed each bowl of pasta. I also cut up tomatoes and roasted them in the broiler (on high for about 8 – 10 mins). I added the tomatoes and some crushed red pepper to our bowls. It was so yummy! The lemon really added a good flavor!

I love this pasta! Spaghetti that is already cut up…thank you!


Get florets! Broccoli pieces have a lot of end pieces that are tough or little ones to chew!


This was the kid version of the pasta before I added to it for me and my husband


I added lemon, roasted tomatoes, and red pepper flakes to my husband’s and mine! YUMMY!!

Baby’s Breath…who knew!?

Look at me all glammed up!

My girl Kristin Rockhill does it again! If you don’t know Kristin, she is a fantastic wedding stylist. Are you getting married or know someone that is? Check out her site! She even has a book out with great wedding ideas.

We finished up a photo shoot in Princeton. I loved my dress, hair, and makeup! Everything was done perfectly! I want to get married again!!!

I can’t share too many pictures because she is hoping this shoot will get picked up by a magazine…her stuff usually does!

12036858_10153347055649006_3233782947011494673_n IMG_8867

The truth about cancer…


My uncle sent me this link…felt the need to pass it on! Take a look at the trailer. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been affected by cancer. Hopefully this can offer some insight.

Cauliflower and Pancetta Mac and Cheese (Recipe)

This was delicious! All of us enjoyed it! If you are looking for a quick easy meal, give this a try! Here is the Recipe. It is another Hello Fresh gem!!!

IMG_8626 (1)

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Mini Meatballs are a Big Hit! *Giveaway*


I pride myself in making my family fresh homemade meals…but let’s be real, between working full time, extra curricular activities, and life…sometimes it doesn’t happen. So I am always on the look out for pre-made foods that taste good and are good for my family as well!

I found this brand while roaming the frozen food section. I love that the ingredients are simple and I can pronounce all of them! Here are the ingredients to the chicken meatballs!

Ingredients: Chicken raised without antibiotics, Water, Seasoning (sugar, sea salt, spices, onion powder, Apple flavor [ vegetable oil and apple extract], spice extractives), Breadcrumbs (unbleached wheat flour, salt, yeast), Dried apples, Sunflower lecithin. Contains Wheat.

My youngest daughter loves these! They are the perfect size for her little hands, she can poke them successfully with her fork! They heat up quickly and taste great too!



I have been giving her these since she was about 12 months old. I used to cut them up for her, but now she eats them whole. They are very soft and easy to chew! Check out their website! They have a lot of different yummy food! Here is their Facebook Page! Their products are made by moms…like us!


MomMade-ItalianStyleMeatballBites MomMade-ApplePieMunchie MomMade-CheesyMac MomMade-ChickenMunchie MomMade-Spaghetti MomMade-CheesePizzaMunchie

About the brand: Mom Made Foods’ products are flash frozen to preserve flavor, nutrients, color and natural texture. They contain no preservatives, no trans fats, no artificial colors, no added sugars. They are also non-GMO, are lower in sodium than their conventional counter parts and all meat items are made with antibiotic-free meats. UsingUSDA-certified organic and antibiotic-free ingredients, Mom Made Foods provides families with healthy versions of macaroni and cheese, spaghetti and other family-friendly food staples


Giveaway Details

Prize: One (1) lucky Boogers and Baby Wipes reader will receive 2 free product vouchers. This giveaway is sponsored by Mom Made Foods. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Duration: This giveaway will be open until Monday, October 19th at 11:59pm.

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