Why I found out the gender of my baby…all 3 times!

If I could have known the gender of my babies the moment I found out I was pregnant, that would have been great!! I did all the at home “tests” to see if we could determine the gender earlier then the coveted 20 week ultra sound! I posted ultra sound pictures on various baby boards to see if anyone could figure it out via the “nub theory” or the “skull theory”. For my last daughter, we paid $50 to go to a private ultra sound place at 14 weeks to find out the gender! I know, this sounds insane…maybe it is. But I wanted to know the gender of my babies! I really do not understand the people that wait…it blows my mind!


“Can you feel it move?” When you know the gender, you can refer to the baby by “he” or “she”. I like that better then calling the baby an “it”. A woman I work with, her granddaughter is pregnant and not finding out the gender. She keeps referring to the baby as an “it”. Every time she says “it” I remind her that it is a baby. When you know the gender, you can even call the baby by it’s name…if you have it picked out already!


I am not a fan of yellow and green outfits…and seriously a wardrobe of ducks and frogs would drive me nuts! When you know the gender of the baby, you are showered with adorable outfits for the baby! All of my girls had tutu dresses ready to go before they were even born. No boring ducks for us!

34500_403375697778_588395_n 34500_403375712778_3023979_n

Picturing what the baby was going to look like was a lot of fun when I was pregnant. Knowing that each one of my babies were girls, I had visions of their sweet faces before they were born. I loved picturing braiding hair, getting dressed up for dances, and doing nails. I felt like I was able to bond with each girl before they were born because I knew they were girls.


Decorating the nursery was so much fun because we knew we were having girls! I was able to make it gender specific and I love the way the room looks…still to this day!

I get it…not everyone wants to find out. People that don’t find out tell me that they enjoyed having the baby and being surprised. I personally feel that it is a surprise whether you find out at 5 months or 9 months. And finding out in an ultra sound room, privately just my husband and myself, was pretty special. Each time, my heart was racing and I had butterflies waiting to hear “are you ready to find out the gender?” And the best part, I didn’t have to labor through 20 hours of labor to find out!

H2-Whoa! Product Review

My girls LOVE to color. Nicki is great with markers, crayons, and colored pencils. Joey is not allowed to use markers unsupervised. And Franki eats everything…crayons, markers, you name it! So coloring in our house can be limited. But I did find this great toy that everyone can use…and it doesn’t make a mess!!!

B. Toys H2-Whoa! Color with water! The water doesn’t come out of the little crayon tube things…so no mess!!! It is also great for car rides! I love that the coloring tubes click right into the sides of the canvas…easy to clean up!! There are 2 sides too, so when one side fills up, there is no waiting for the water to dry. Just flip it over and the fun continues!

This is a great gift for lots of different age groups!
Click here to learn more about this toy!
ou can get this at Target!


I love that there is more then 1 coloring tube!!! No fighting!


They are trying to fill the whole screen!!


The other side. It is 2 sided!


So easy my 20 month old can easily color!


Happy girl!

The girls love this toy!!

Make a great salad…today!

I love salad! There is a gif circulating the internet right now of a woman that is grossed out by the salad she is eating. I was shocked by this and by how many people do not like salad. Salad needs a better reputation…it is a freedom meal! You can make a salad how ever you want. No matter your mood, you can create a salad to fit how you’re feeling.

Here are some tips to creating a delicious salad every time.

Finding a good salad dressing, that you love, is key to a great salad.  I am super picky with dressings so I make my own. It is quick and yummy! I add a squirt of mustard, balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, parsley flakes, and a splash of water…shake it up and enjoy!

Start with a good base! I buy a huge tub of the organic spring mix every week. To keep it fresh I put a paper towel on the bottom of the container and the top.

Cheese is my favorite part of salad! I love either goat cheese or feta cheese in my salad! Make sure to have your favorite cheese on hand!

The more colors you have in a salad, the more delicious and healthy it will be!! Try some diced red peppers and carrots! I shave my carrots with a peeler…I don’t like chunks of carrots in my salad.

The best tip I ever learned about making salads was to add lemon juice to the lettuce before anything else! So I mix my lettuce with a squirt of lemon juice and then I toss it with my dressing….after it is all tossed with dressing, then I add my veggies and cheese!!


Shaved carrots, red peppers, almonds, and goat cheese!


Avocado and goat cheese


Strawberries, chicken cutlets pieces, rice, and feta

FullSizeRender (2)

Shaved carrots, red peppers, tomatoes, and goat cheese!

Tips on How to Survive the Stomach Bug

3 years ago we all got the Noro Virus and it was awful! It was the first time Nicki and Jo had gotten a stomach bug….and we were no where near prepared! I had no idea how to handle little kids and a stomach bug. It would have been bad if they had just gotten it, but we all had it! I am a huge proponent of learning lessons from situations, no matter if they are good or bad situations. And boy did I learn a lot!

Know What You Are Dealing With
Understanding what a stomach virus is and how it works helps to make surviving it go smoother. Here are some facts about stomach bugs. The fecal matter and vomit are contagious. Stomach bugs are not contagious until the virus comes out of the hosts body. Keep in mind that it only takes a microscopic amount to get a person sick. This is why clean up is so important.

Stomach bugs are crafty viruses. There are no clear cut symptoms per say, but here are some things that we pay attention to in order to prepare. No appetite and no bowel movements. Once the virus has entered the body, it quickly converts any food that is in the host’s digestive system into more virus. This makes the host not hungry and not able to go to the bathroom. We do the ice cream/cookie test with the kids when they say they aren’t hungry. If they haven’t been themselves, haven’t gone poop, and don’t want to eat we ask them if they want ice cream or a cookie. If they say “no”, chances are they have a stomach bug. That’s when we start preparing…getting the “puke bucket” ready! Keep in mind, sometimes there are no warning signs!!

Cleaning Products
Anyone that knows me, knows that my cleaning closet is filled with organic cleaners derived from natural plant products. Well let me tell you, the stomach virus laughs at these! These products are great for daily cleaning…and the ones that kill bacteria are great to use in the kitchen, but they are still no match for a stomach bug! Having the correct cleaning products on hand is key! On the top shelf of the cleaning closet sits my army of chemical wonders waiting patiently in their plastic bottles ready to go at the first sign of vomit! What do I use? Lysol with peroxide. Peroxide is great for killing the stomach bug and it won’t stain.


Clean Correctly
Several people have told me that a stomach bug will go around their house a few times. This does not have to happen! When cleaning an area that has been infected follow these steps. 1. Control the area. Make sure no one walks in, walks by, or touches anything near the area. 2. Get all of the fecal matter or vomit cleaned up first. Do this as carefully as possible. Use paper towels and put everything in a double bagged plastic bag. 3. Once everything has been cleaned up, spray the entire area (and then some) with the Lysol spray and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. This will insure it kills the virus. 4. Once the 10 minutes is up, spray again and wipe with paper towels. Discard paper towels. 5. Wash your hands after cleaning the mess. Or even take a shower! Anyone that comes in contact with the virus takes a shower in our house. Not a bath, a shower! You want to make sure you wash the virus away!

Sonnes 7
I found out about this product when Joey was about 1 and was having horrible stomach issues. It is a life saver! If some one in the house starts to show signs of the stomach bug, we all take Sonnes 7. Look into Sonnes 7 and see if it a fit for you and your family.

Sonne’s Detoxificant Liquid Hydrated Bentonite Clay is a natural and powerful detoxicant derived from bentonite, a mineral-rich volcanic clay.


Make sure to wash blankets, sheets, towels, clothes, and anything that you suspect has vomit or fecal matter on it! I usually run the rinse cycle first. To make sure all the “stuff” is off. Then I run the wash cycle. Our washer has a place to add bleach…and I always add bleach to the cycle. After the clothes are clean, do not shake them out before putting them in the dryer. The virus could still be on them and you don’t want to spread it.

This is so important. The number one reason for hospitalization for a stomach virus is dehydration. We found a great product at Target for hydrating! It’s called B.R.A.T Feel Better Drink. It tastes really good and helps to hydrate. There are other options available. Check with your doctor or pharmacist.


Lysol Bomb
If a room has been exposed to the virus…someone threw up or had diarrhea in that room, I Lysol bomb the room after cleaning it. I spray all the surface areas with Lysol Disinfect Spray, open the windows, and shut the door. I am not a fan of the smell of Lysol but it’s better then spreading the virus!!!


Best of luck surviving the stomach virus season!! Hang in there and know it won’t last forever…you will get through it! You may even get some funny stories to tell down the road. They may not seem funny now, but some day you will look back and laugh….hopefully!!!

Tips on How to Beat Cold Season

I am not a doctor. Let me repeat, I am not a doctor. All the following is just advice…advice on how we as a family do our best to stay healthy during the winter months. Consult with a doctor before trying any of my suggestions. 

Back to school means germs. There really is no escaping them…they’re every where. As a mom of 3 small girls, I know getting sick is inevitable. What I also know is the extent of the sicknesses can sometimes be shortened. Here is a list of things we do to stay healthy and fight off colds.


Elderberry with Echinacea
This is our number 1 line of defense! As soon as the sneezing or coughing starts, we start doling out this magic juice! Read the directions on the bottle and give according to dosage suggestions. I have tried other brands, but Nature’s Way is the best tasting in my opinion. All of my girls drink this with no issues too! Keep in mind, you can not take this on a regular basis like a vitamin. Anything with echinacea should only be taken when a sickness is thought to be coming on or you are sick. Taking echinacea every day can lead to a tolerance and it won’t be affective when you actually need it.

While there is no scientific evidence that taking echinacea daily for months is harmful, theoretically, taking any immune booster for too long could cause it to lose its punch or could stress the immune system. Another theoretical concern is that any drug that tampers with the genetic material of a virus cell (as echinacea does) could also affect the genetic material of cells in the body or could cause viruses to change genetically and become more resistant and more virulent. Dr Sears


We purchase ours at Whole Foods. You can also buy it online on Amazon.

Raw Honey
Raw honey has so many benefits and is often over looked. It has so many great healing powers! We get our raw honey from a local bee farm. It has been proven that local raw honey helps reduce seasonal allergy symptoms. Honey also works as a great soother of sore throats! Take a teaspoon of it right from the jar, don’t heat it up. Yes, it tastes great in tea, but heating raw honey makes it lose some of its healthy benefits. (Please note that it is not recommended to give raw honey to any child under 2 years of age)


Raw Garlic
People think I am nuts when I tell them to eat raw garlic…but it works!! Spending so many years either pregnant or nursing, I was unable to take medications if I got sick. After some research, I found that raw garlic was a great thing to start munching on when you start to feel a sickness coming on. I swear by it now! If I start feeling post nasal drip or even a little run down, I slice up garlic and feel better by the next day. Want more info about raw garlic? Click here!


Radishes are great for congestion! They are a little spicy, but I actually like the taste. I will start munching on this awesome veggie when I start feeling congested. Click here for more information on how amazing radishes are!


Stay hydrated! When the girls are not feeling so great, I make sure to hydrate them. Encourage all family members to drink plenty of fluids even in the colder months to help flush out viral bugs.


Chicken Soup
It is hard to get kids to eat raw garlic and raw radishes…but a lot of kids like soup! Chicken soup is fantastic for when you or your children are sick. Chicken soup can be packed full of veggies too! I have even heard of people refer to it as “Jewish penicillin”. Chicken soup is no joke, it works wonders!  Here is a great recipe for chicken soup.


Wash Hands
An oldie but goody! Hand washing is proven to reduce illnesses. Make sure to wash hands after using the bathroom. We also make the girls wash hands before eating!


Good luck and stay healthy this winter season! If you or your kids do get sick, try and look at it as a forced day to stay on the couch all day and cuddle! Sometimes being forced to slow down isn’t the worst thing!

Stop using these words right now

I’m Tired
I get it…I am tired too! And not just at the end of the day…all the time! I wake up after 8 hours of sleep tired! But I have committed myself to stop using the phrase “I’m tired” when people ask how I am doing. Chances are, they are tired too and saying it all day is not helping me be less tired. Mind over matter!


Not Now
Last night I was cleaning up dog poop (the puppy had an accident in her crate) and Joey came over to me and asked me to cut an apple up for her. I wanted to say “are you kidding me right now?! I am knee deep in dog sh$$”. But I held back, remembered that she is only 3 ½, and my child. I asked her “what am I doing right now?” and she replied “cleaning up poopy”. So I told her “when I am finished with this, I will wash my hands, and then I will cut up an apple for you.” She was happy with my answer. She bounced up and down quietly giggling while I finished cleaning. I don’t think she was laughing at my situation, I think she was excited about her apple! So many times I hear parents tell their child “No, not now.” Instead of snapping at them with this response, use it as a teachable moment. If you are busy doing something, ask them to notice what you are doing. Have them tell you why you are busy at the moment. Then explain the steps that you will take to help them get what they want. Kids are still learning and they are very “me” focused. Teach them to look at situations and how to wait for help. Now, Nicki will say to me “mom when you are done with what you are doing can you please help me?” 1 down, 2 to go!


How long is never? “If you don’t go to bed right now, you will never be allowed to watch tv again?” Sound familiar? It is only a matter of time until your kids figure out that using a word like never is an empty threat. Instead, try “if you don’t go to bed right now, you will not be allowed to watch tv tomorrow night before bedtime.”


Next Time
“Mommy can we get ice cream?” “Next time.” What’s wrong with this? You don’t know what is going to happen next time. You don’t know the future and you better believe that your kids are not going to forget that you said “next time.” This will only lead to disappointment and maybe even a fit. Instead, just explain “sorry, we aren’t getting ice cream today. We will see the next time we come in, maybe we will get it.” I always say “maybe” this gives me more wiggle room!


You’re bad
We don’t say bad girl in our house. Separate your child’s action from your child. If one of the girls does something wrong, we will tell them that what they did was wrong. Make sure to assure your child that you love them but you aren’t happy with what they did.

I love you
Just kidding! Use this one all the time and follow it up with hugs and kisses!!!!


Easy Chicken Broccoli Pasta

I try and make one meal for everyone. It is hard enough to get dinner on the table…let alone separate meals for the kids. I have been trying to make a meal that everyone likes BUT that can be switched up!

Last night I made this quick, easy meal! The girls loved it, and then I added a few things to my husband’s and mine…it was a hit all around!


  • 2 cloves of garlic (chopped)
  • 1/2 cup chopped onion
  • olive oil
  • 2 cups of frozen broccoli
  • 1/2 pound pasta (I used cut pasta)
  • Fresh lemon, chopped tomatoes, and grated cheese (Use these as ad ons)


  1. Cook pasta according to the directions on the box. Once finished cooking, drain and toss with olive oil and set aside.
  2. Meanwhile saute onion in 2 table spoons of olive oil. Cook on medium heat for 2 – 3 minutes, add chopped garlic and cook for about 1 minute. Add frozen broccoli and put the lid on. Cook for about 5 – 8 minutes (until broccoli is cooked)
  3. I took my broccoli out and cut it into little pieces and then returned it to the pan.
  4. Toss the pasta and the broccoli mixture
  5. Sprinkle with grated cheese and enjoy!
  6. For a more adult meal…once I served the girls, I made a bowl for my husband and myself. Then I took half of a lemon and squeezed the juice on both bowls. Once I finished, I tossed each bowl of pasta. I also cut up tomatoes and roasted them in the broiler (on high for about 8 – 10 mins). I added the tomatoes and some crushed red pepper to our bowls. It was so yummy! The lemon really added a good flavor!

I love this pasta! Spaghetti that is already cut up…thank you!


Get florets! Broccoli pieces have a lot of end pieces that are tough or little ones to chew!


This was the kid version of the pasta before I added to it for me and my husband


I added lemon, roasted tomatoes, and red pepper flakes to my husband’s and mine! YUMMY!!