H2-Whoa! Product Review

My girls LOVE to color. Nicki is great with markers, crayons, and colored pencils. Joey is not allowed to use markers unsupervised. And Franki eats everything…crayons, markers, you name it! So coloring in our house can be limited. But I did find this great toy that everyone can use…and it doesn’t make a mess!!!

B. Toys H2-Whoa! Color with water! The water doesn’t come out of the little crayon tube things…so no mess!!! It is also great for car rides! I love that the coloring tubes click right into the sides of the canvas…easy to clean up!! There are 2 sides too, so when one side fills up, there is no waiting for the water to dry. Just flip it over and the fun continues!

This is a great gift for lots of different age groups!
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ou can get this at Target!


I love that there is more then 1 coloring tube!!! No fighting!


They are trying to fill the whole screen!!


The other side. It is 2 sided!


So easy my 20 month old can easily color!


Happy girl!

The girls love this toy!!

These toys B. awesome!

Yesterday Franki brought me the Stackadoos. She was so excited. We played with them for about an hour. The possibilities are endless! The big tub makes for easy clean up and storage! There’s a large handle on the lid to the tub. The handle is great for little hands to carry it.

Have you heard of B. brand toys? They are great and always my go to gift! We purchase ours at Target.  B. makes toys for various ages and interests. The toys are very durable. Our Stackadoos were a gift to Nicki at her first birthday party. They still look brand new over 4 years later!


So proud of her creations!!


Love the fun colors!


House? Person? Not sure, but it was fun!


Great gift item!


Our train!


These blocks have lasted 3 kids! Nicki got them for her first birthday!